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Grandmother Kirmse's Album
Grandmother Kirmse’s Album

This blog presents photographs, documents and stories about Martha (Cordes) and William Kirmse, their descendants, ancestors and and related relatives. Initial posts will be based on photographs from albums that my grandmother, Martha Margaretha (Cordes) Kirmse, prepared.

Photographs in Frames
Photographs in Frames
Another Grandmother Kirmse's Album
Another Grandmother Kirmse’s Album
Pictures in Frames With Covers
Pictures in Frames With Covers

The name of this blog, “Grandma Kirmse’s Album”, is in honor of her. These photographs will be supplemented with photographs from an ancestor album that my parents prepared as well as other contributed images. My family history files contain related photographs, newspaper clippings and artifacts that were either loose in boxes that I inherited, shared by relatives or otherwise gathered during my genealogy research. My plan is to include images of these items in this blog. Additional pictures, documents, and the like that are related to those in this blog will be posted as they are discovered.

By posting the photographs and captions along with related documents and stories, it is my hope that this blog will not only preserve these memorabilia, but also provide a vehicle for sharing them with relatives and anyone else who might be interested.

If anyone knows of other related pictures, documents and/or albums, I would like to learn of the same so that the images and stories they contain can also be included here.


  1. The pictures of Grandma Kirmse’s albums were taken by John Krueger who now has possession of these albums. April 6, 2015.