Two Young Women – Identified

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Marie and Anna Cordes[1]
Marie and Anna Cordes[1]


Woman 1.

Marie Christina Cordes[1]
Marie Christina Cordes[1]
Woman 2.

Anna Marie Cordes[1]
Anna Marie Cordes[1]


In a previous version of this post, it was noted that Ella (Kirmse) Krueger shared this picture from Grandma Kirmse’s photo album but was unable to identify the two young women.

Woman 1

In Facebook, September 19, 2015, Sharlene Lohmann Book commented that “Young woman # 1 is Marie Cordes Lohmann I am pretty sure!” Sharlene then posted on her Facebook timeline the following picture:

Marie (Cordes) Lohmann[2]
Marie (Cordes) Lohmann[2]
And, she commented “here is my Grandma Marie Cordes Lohmann. Sorry about the reflection but it is behind a round glass and frame hanging in our house.”

A comparison of face crops

Marie Cordes - Wedding - 1906 [1]
Marie Cordes – Wedding – 1906 [1]
Woman 1[1]
Woman 1[1]
Marie Cordes - Sharlene Lohmann Book's Grandma[2]
Marie Cordes – Sharlene Lohmann Book’s Grandma[2]
shows strong similarity of faces and hairdos in the pictures.  I believe the pictures are of the same person, Marie Cordes. Given the similarities of the hairdo to that of Marie’s wedding picture,  I am guessing that the picture was taken at the time of Marie’s marriage to Henry Lohmann.

Woman 2

Who is the second woman?  I believe that the second woman is probably Marie’s sister, Anna.  Their sister, Martha, had married William Kirmse and moved to Oklahoma in 1904.

A comparison of the face of the second woman to Anna’s wedding picture shows the following:

Anna Marie Cordes - Wedding - 1900[1]
Anna Marie Cordes – Wedding – 1900[1]
Woman 2[1]
Woman 2[1]
There are facial similarities, but not as strong as for Marie and her wedding picture.  If the picture of the two women was taken at the time of Marie’s wedding, there would be a 6 year difference in ages of these two pictures.  For now, I am going to assume that woman 2 is Anna Cordes.


Circa 1906 – probably at the time of Marie’s wedding.


Farrar, Missouri – probably.


  1. Ella Anna Paulina (Kirmse) Krueger shared this photograph December 30, 2003.
  2. Sharlene Lohmann Book shared this photograph on Facebook, September 20, 2015.