Edna Barbara Kirmse

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Edna Barbara Kirmse[1]
Edna Barbara Kirmse[1]


  • Edna Barbara Kirmse, daughter of Wilhelm Kirmse and Martha Margaretha Cordes.
Edna Barbara Kirmse[2]
Edna Barbara Kirmse[2]


This large oval glassed infant portrait has been hanging on a bedroom wall of Donna (Kirmse) Martin for many years as an unidentified infant.  Since the picture frame matched two other oval glassed portraits (of Henry Cordes and Margaretha (Meier) Cordes), the infant was thought to likely be a family member.  While digitizing portraits shared by Judy (Kirmse) Yordi, it was realized that this portrait is a crop of a portrait of Enda and Julius Kirmse.

Edna Barbara Kirmse was born on February 5, 1908, in Ellis County, Oklahoma. She died as a child on July 10, 1909, in Ellis County, Oklahoma, and was buried in Alva, Oklahoma.


Circa 1908


Goodwin, Oklahoma – possibly taken at Shattuck, Oklahoma.


  1. Scanned from photographs shared by Donna (Kirmse) Martin, April 26, 2015.
  2. Scanned from photographs shared by Judy (Kirmse) Yordi, April 26, 2015.